t  e  c  h  n  i  c  i  a  n


The year is 1987. After a crash that broke the frame of my first BMX bike, I conned my parents into letting me buy a new frame and parts from a catalog to build on my own. A monster was born. I became obsessed with tearing down and rebuilding every component of that bike--probably more often than any of it needed--but I was driven by passion.

Today, more than 20 years later, I’ve made a career of bicycle maintenance. As a race mechanic, I’ve traveled across the United States and around the world, for Campagnolo, SRAM, Mavic, and USA Cycling. And as author of The Bicycling Guide to Complete Bicycle Maintenance and Repair, I’ve shared my knowledge and experience with thousands.

This is not going to be a blog; I’m a terrible blogger. Instead, I’m going to fill this space with more timeless stories from my adventures--quips about race service, riding, and the random musings of an everyday bike dork..


From the garden shed to the Tourmalet